KRISTA OFFICIAL HEADSHOTKrista brings something unique and full of energy to every project she works on, and with marketing in her blood, she makes sure it’ll stand out from the rest.

Krista Kangas is an Ann Arborite with multiple creative talents, from acting, writing, cartooning, composing, directing, dancing, and martial arts. With a degree in Broadcast Arts from Washtenaw Community College, and experience on the stage since 2004, Krista excels at both writing and performing diverse characters and storylines for film, television, and published work.

Her skill as a voice actor has shown to be incredibly versatile in various industry jobs, particularly in radio, commercials, and animation. Outside her creative talents, in 2010 Krista interned at Community Television Network in Ann Arbor, and gained the knowledge and experience she needed on the technical side of things, particularly working in editing videos, camerawork, and writing television PSAs.  Krista has also directed and wrote short plays, and co-wrote puppet skits, and an online kid’s show’s pilot. She’s had published poetry, been a Foley artist, traveled internationally with puppets, and given various martial arts demonstrations. She also composes music, and works on her comic strips and novels.

If you have questions or want a copy of Krista’s voice over demo, send her an email at: